Bye Lunas

For the past 6 months I have been running with Luna Sandals. Lunas are amazing minimal running gear, giving you as close to barefoot feel you can get with some foot protection.


Running with the Lunas has really helped me perfect my running technique, specifically my 1-2-3 landing.

Unfortunately, with my improved technique and the 45 mile plus weeks I have been putting in on the road and trails they are not holding up to the challenge with the laces start to fray.


I decided I need footwear that would hold up the long runs, but still give me that minimal running feel. I settled on the New Balance Men’s MT00 Minimus Zero Trail Running Shoe based on great endorsements from Anton Krupicka a serious ultra runner.


I have clocked about 50 miles on Minimus double zeros and I am very happy with them. There has been a little chafing around my big toe, but nothing that Bodyglide Balm can’t solve.

I have to say bye to my Lunas for my daily running, but I will still wear them for comfortable walking sandals or the occasional warmup runs.

Happy Running :-)


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