Thank-you Prescott for hosting another amazing Whiskey Row Marathon for 2014. I want to congratulate everyone who ran in the races. Also, I want to extend a very special thank-you the event organizers, the aid station volunteers, and to the friends and family that supported us.

It was an exciting and challenging race this year. I felt very strong throughout the entire race and I did a great job of managing my hydration. The only major challenge I encountered this year was around mile 19. I was running quickly down a steeper part of Copper Basin road while attempting to navigate a turn. A misplaced foot caused me to slip on loose gravel. I then took a forward flip on to the side of the road into the bushes. The fall knocked the wind out of me and blooded me up a bit. :-)


After about a 10 min break to regain my breath and work through what happened. I felt strong enough to push myself the to the finish. I got back to 100% on the last 3 miles to finish very strong.


Lately running has really been testing me. I have recently had more than my share of crappy runs. It has been about 2 1/2 years since I started running and for the most part I have had no real challenges; things have come very easy.

As I reflect on the race and the past several weeks of runs I see that having shitty runs and learning how to work though them is teaching me a lot more about myself then any other previous running experience. It is helping me develop some great physical as well as mental tools for dealing with challenges. Tools I hope will help me on my next major challenge

photo (21)


Happy Trail Running


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