Beautiful week of trail running in the mountains. Clear sunny skies most of the week, but with a mid week treat of snow!

3/31/2014 – Mon – Watershed Trail (1:00, 687′)

Sunny afternoon run on the Watershed Trail #299

4/2/2014 – Wed – Watershed Trail (1:41, 1,122′)

photo (14)
Another amazing run on the Watershed Trail, but very different day than Monday :-)

4/3/2014 – Thur – Goldwater Lake Trail (1:45, 1,480′)

Nice afternoon run on the beautiful Goldwater Lake Trail #396

4/4/2014 – Fri – Forest Road #9401J (1:45, 905′)

Did more trail exploration by running the FR #9401J.

4/5/2014 – Sat – Wolverton Mountain Trail (1:48, 1,244′)

Had a great morning run up the Wolverton Mountain Trail #9415 with running buddy Jim, from our Prescott Trail Running group.


Time in mountains: 7h19m
Vertical Gain: 5,438′

Happy Trail Running


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