2/25/2014 – Tue – Trail #332 (1:15, 610′)

photo (3)
Beautiful afternoon run on the Circle Trail #332

2/26/2014 – Wed – Thumb Butte Bypass Trail (:45, 447′)

Quick lunch run on the Thumb Butte Bypass Trail #326 Loop.

2/27/2014 – Thurs – Trail #332 (1:25, 610′)

photo (4)
Out and back on the Circle Trail #332 with Lisa. Storm clouds were starting to roll in, but got finished before any serious weather hit us.

3/1/2014 – Sat – Goldwater lake trail (1:26, 626′)

Nice mid morning run on the beautiful Goldwater Lake Trail #396. It was raining the entire run, but the dense pine trees provided a nice canopy to protect me from some of the heavier rain.

3/1/2014 – Sun – Willow Lake Trail Loops (1:15, 100′)

Hiked and light bouldering throughout the Willow Dells Slickrock Trail Loops. The sky was still overcast from Saturday’s storm, which made for a very cool day.

Week Totals

Time in mountains: 5h26m
Vertical Gain: 2,393”


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