Mon-PM: 1:00, Elevation Low: 6449′ High: 7193, Total Gain: 785′ ~ Prescott, AZ
Afternoon run up Mount Francis. Very warm afternoon, felt like summer. Was very strong and fast, shaved 8 min off my last roundtrip time.

01/28/2014 – 01/31/2014
No running, fought a tough chest cold. Really bad timing with the Sedona Marathon over the weekend.

Sat-AM: 2:36, Elevation Low: 4,375′ High: 4,612′, Total Gain: 961′
Sedona Marathon, still had a slight fever on Saturday morning so I made last minute decision to not run the full marathon, but instead run the half and support my wife by pacing her to shave 2 min off her last year time.

Hours: 3h36
Vert: 1746
Getting sick really destroyed my week and Sedona marathon prep, but the plus was I got to run an entire race pacing my wife, it was so much fun running together :-)


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