Mount Francis is a 7,110 feet (2,167 m) mountain which is part of the Sierra Prieta mountain range. The Sierra Prieta’s are a 14-mi (23 km), long mountain range in central-northwest Arizona. Mount Francis is the highest peak in the south which borders the Bradshaw Mountains.

To run to the summit of Mount Francis start at the Aspen creek Trail #48. After 2.7 miles turn right on to the East Copper Trail #260. Follow trail 260 until reaching the Mount Francis access road which will lead to the radio towers at the top.

The accent to the summit covers 4 miles of very steep technical trail. In the winter large portions of the shade cover sections of Aspen Creek trail are covered in snow. The trail climbs up over several smaller ridges as you move from the northern trail head around the eastern side to access the service road on the southwest side of Mount Francis.

Mount Francis provides amazing panoramic views of Bradshaw Mountains, Prescott, Granite Dells, San Francisco Peaks, Granite Mountain, and Skull Valley.

Elevation: 6,409’ (low) – 7,110′ (high)
Length: 8 miles (round trip)
Skill Level: Advanced

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Happy Trail Running :-)

6 thoughts on “Mount Francis

    1. @Misha, I carry a Canon Powershot Elph 420 HS. It works great since it is small enough that I can carry it in the waist band pocket of my running shorts. The first time I run a new trail I start and stop a lot to take photos, but when I go back to run the trail again I usually just bring the camera in case I see anything interesting on the run. Say some black bears, deer, or mountain lions :-)

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