The Sierra Prieta Overlook is a lookout point that is part of the Sierra Prieta mountain range in central-northwest Arizona. The range is the mountainous region west of Prescott, with a notable Thumb Butte, 6,514 feet, a volcanic plug, on the city’s west perimeter.

The run starts at Rancho Vista Drive & Copper Basin Road, from there you follow Copper Basin Rd till you reach Thumb Butte Road which from there takes you to the overlook. The run follows rocky forest service roads over an 1,233ft elevation gain in just 4.5 miles. This route is also one of the toughest parts of the Whiskey Row Marathon.

Elevation: 7,000 feet
Length: 9 miles (round trip)
Skill Level: Advanced









Happy Trail Running :-)


7 thoughts on “Sierra Prieta Overlook

    1. Yep, really amazing views Dan. This is one of the main reasons I love trail and mountain running, your feet can take you to some amazing places.

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