Three months ago I decided I wanted to start running, but like many people I did not really like running. I figured the best approach was to just jump “feet” first into the idea of becoming a runner. After a few weeks I was making physical progress but, I was still not mentally into the run.

I was doing the run, but not being in the run.

Then in my quest for inspiration I happened to be reading a Runner’s World article about how Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers was inspired by the book Born to Run by Christopher McDougall. So I picked up a copy of the book and started reading. I was amazed how it quickly transformed by view point on running. My next run I decided to ditch the iPod and focus on being mindful during my run.

I focused on my breathing, how my legs felt, the temperature outside, how it made me feel, the trees, the wind, essentially the pure feeling of the run.

So my journey went from:

  1. Born to Run
  2. Carlos Gabaldon Images

Now with my first 1/2 marathon complete with a pretty good time,

I know now that I am just starting my journey…


4 thoughts on “Finding your inspiration

  1. We have very similar stories about running. After many attempts over the years to develop a running habit it wasn’t until October of 2010 (at the age of 41) that it finally stuck. I too read “Born To Run” and was inspired (who wouldn’t be?). I also happened to have sold our previous house in Oracle, Arizona to a man who trains iron man men and woman to be better (I didn’t know it at the time that he was a well-know trainer). I read his book “The Big Book of Endurance and Training” (Phil Maffetone). From his book I learned to start very, very slow, and to slow way down, focusing on keeping my breathing, and heart rate, in control. My first run was 2.7 miles, I did it in 35 minutes and stopped five times. Within three months I did that same course in 20:25. I have moved from “traditional” heavily-padded heal shoes to slightly more minimal shoes to Vibram five fingers and now I run pretty much only in Luna sandles (Barefoot Ted from Born To Run makes them out of Seattle). The key for me was to enjoy the experience, look around, and be thankful for being able to run. I don’t understand why people listen to an iPod when they run when there is so much to hear around you already. I did the Tucson Full Marathon in December and was surprised how many people were in their own little bubble with music in their ears. Anyway, let’s do a run sometime. Jim

    1. Wow Jim, that is an amazing and inspiring story. Congrats on the Tucson full marathon.

      I am going to have to checkout “The Big Book of Endurance and Training”, sounds like a great book. I just turned 41 this year and what is astonishing to me how running, especially trail running seems to make me feel strong with greater endurance than when I was 21.

      Another great book is Running with the Mind of Meditation: Lessons for Training Body and Mind ( – really helps you find ways to create your own motivation and focus on the pure joy of the run.

      Yes, we need to run together very soon. I work from home (software engineer) and I do most of my runs in the afternoons or weekend mid mornings. Let’s figure out when we can sync up our schedules and go do a trail run.



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