Installing Ubuntu Server Oneiric Ocelot

The following are the steps for installing Ubuntu Server 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot)

  1. Select installer language

  2. Select Install Ubuntu Server

  3. Select default system language

  4. Select location

  5. Configure the keyboard

  6. Configure the network

    Provide the hostname then select Continue.

  7. Configure the clock

  8. Partition disks

    Select Guided – use entire disk and set up LVM.

  9. Select disk to partition.

    Select Yes to write the changes to the disks.

    Select Continue to accept the default amount of volume to use.

    Select Yes to partition disks.

  10. Setup users

    Enter full name of admin user.

  11. Enter Username of admin user.

    Enter and confirm password of admin user.

    Encrypt home directory.

  12. HTTP Proxy

    Select Continue.

  13. Automatic updates

    Select No automatic updates

  14. Select Continue.
  15. Boot Loader

    Select Yes.

  16. Select Continue to finish the installation.


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