Moved to WordPress

For those of you who do not follow this blog through feedburner you may have noticed I have moved from Calabro to WordPress. I decided that I wanted to spend more time blogging then administering. I originally wrote Calabro as an exercise to learn Python and kept using it because it was meeting my needs as a simple blog engine. Which is pretty good since I used it for almost 2 years, but after a few major spam attacks and having to rebuild my slice a few times I decided that I needed to go with a more mature and robust blog engine.


echo 'Hello WordPress!';


I have not moved over all of my old posts to WordPress yet, something I plan to do this weekend, so if anyone has bookmarks to any old articles you will get a 404 for a few days.

The nice thing of moving to WordPress is all the cool plug-gins and the kick ass community. Also, I now have a free slice to hack the next great startup ;-)


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